Service Reviews For Sport Clips Haircuts of Des Moines - Wakonda on Fleur

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Can you please explain to me and help me understand how a business with hours posted on the front door with a closing time of 8:00 PM can turn away customers at 7:30 PM because there were people in the lobby who are "booked"? Are you not in the business of cutting people's hair to make money? You still had 30minutes. In the retail business of a customer walks in at 7:59 you still should service them because they came in during your business hours. I think this is straight up BS and will definitely make me think twice about getting my haircut at sport clips again. Perhaps you should have enough staff on hand to cover you through closing instead of one with people piled up in the lobby waiting to be serviced thus causing you to send customers packing. Guess Great Clips gets my money today

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